Columbia County 4-H

What Do You Want to Learn?

Through a 4-H project, you'll learn new skills and better ways of doing all sorts of things. 4-H projects teach through exciting "hands on" activities. In a project, you might go on a field trip, participate in a contest, give a speech or work with an animal. You may learn about photography, food and nutrition or woodworking.

4-H projects and programs help youth develop leadership and communication skills-- and have fun at the same time. There are over 100 different projects that 4-H members can choose from. THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE IN 4-H.

4-H is about People Too!

Volunteer Leaders make 4-H happen. Each club is run by one or more trained adult volunteer leader. These parents, teachers and others share their time and talents to help 4-H members grow and learn. There is always a need for 4-H volunteers. Adults can volunteer to lead a club in their neighborhood, lead a project or short time special interest group, serve on an advisory committee, serve as judges for various contests or help in the 4-H office. It's free to be a 4-H volunteer. All you have to do is call the 4-H office or email us and we will be happy to let you know all the ways that you can volunteer. All you need is a little bit of time and the desire to work with children to help them "make the best better".

4-H Involves Families

Today's families are constantly changing and, 4-H continues to change too. 4-H creates opportunities for parents and children to share experiences together. 4-H is a family affair. Each year Columbia County 4-H holds many different types of family activities, whether it's tours, trips, picnics or annual family camp. We always try to include all family members in all aspects of the Columbia County 4-H Program.

The 4-H Experience

4-H offers a variety of ways to participate. That is what's so great-- you choose how you want to become involved.

Be Involved in a Community 4-H Club

Members meet on a regular basis with trained, adult volunteer leaders who help with individual and club projects. 4-H'ers plan their own programs, elect officers, and take part in community service projects. These clubs usually meet in community centers, churches or volunteers homes. You need 5 youth to start a 4-H community club.

Be Involved in Your School Classroom

4-H offers a wide variety of school enrichment programs to teachers. 4-H staff will come into your classroom and teach food and nutrition, gardening, violence prevention, or, assist you in starting a 4-H club in your classroom. 4-H Classroom Clubs work especially well in private schools and "special needs" classrooms and help to enhance already existing curriculum. These services are offered free of charge.

Be a Member At Large

A member at large is a 4-H member that does not participate in an established 4-H club. Members at large are still able to participate in all of the county wide 4-H activities that are made available every year.

What Else Do We Do?

There are so many ways to participate in 4-H activities. Every year we offer trips, tours, workshops, summer day camps, week long summer residential camp as well as special trips and events just for teens. You will never be bored in 4-H. 4-H members are also encouraged to undertake community pride projects. These projects help youth become more involved in their community and take an active part in "making the best better" for others as well as themselves

Cindy Higgins

4-H Coordinator

4-H Emblem